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The Retreat


You will recieve full certification in Crystal Chakra Balane level 1 and all of your meals are included in the price.


Your certficiate will allow you to go out and treat others using any/all of the methods learnt during your stay with us.


Our private chef prepares all of our fresh, in season vegetarian meals using locally sourced produce and fresh herbs from the retreat garden.


Florence House, Seaford, is set in its own stunning acreage and boasts a view of rolling fields as well as being a two minutes stroll away from the sea front.


During this 4 day retreat you will connect deeply with your energy on all levels – cleansing, healing, balancing and re-energising each of your chakras over the course of the retreat.


You will be encouraged to delve deep into yourself in a safe and protected environment where you will experience huge shifts and transformation.


The retreat schedule is absolutely jam packed with wonderful workshops including, but not limited to; daily sunrise and sunset tai chi/qigong, daily crystal mediation, crystal grid workshops, crystal skull workshops, chakra balancing, crystal labyrinth, quarter moon crystal ceremony, fire pit ‘letting go’ ceremony, crystal mantra lounge, sound and much more!

Jam packed with workshops

You will receive full information and schedule upon booking but to give you an idea, lets take a closer look at what you will experience during your time with us.

The Labyrinth

Have you ever walked a labyrinth before?
Set in the retreat centres beautiful lush grounds, you will each enter a crystal lined labyrinth lit only by candlelight. Before entering the labyrinth, you will choose a crystal to take in with you.
Walking very slowly mindfully, in the form of a walking meditation, we will show you how to charge the crystal with anything you wish to let go off. This can be negative feelings, thoughts, bad habits, addictive behaviour, old love, hurtful comments etc, and will show you how to offload those things into your chosen crystal as you walk the labyrinth.
Once in the centre, you will place the charged crystal anywhere you like, settling the intention of letting go in order for mother earth to transmute. Then, you will choose a second crystal, from the centre of the labyrinth, and you will begin your slow meditative walk out again. This time, charging the crystal with anything that you desire.
In the past, people have set the intention of welcoming love into their life, having the courage to change career, manifesting confidence, wealth, health… the list goes on.

Heart Centred Workshop

In this workshop we will be connecting with the heart and higher heart energies.

As we go through life at times we get tired of feeling stuck, held back by past decisions and limiting beliefs whether they have been of our own doing or others.

Working with a variety of crystals we will be releasing & clearing these beliefs and becoming one with ourselves, opening ourselves to accept more love into our lives on all levels. Self love being the most important and being able to receive and give.

? Releasing of emotions from the throat, higher heart, heart and solar plexus

? Clearing any unhealthy emotional patterns, traumatic experiences, memories and limiting beliefs

? Reclaiming willpower, becoming one with ourselves

This will be a very practical workshop with self healing and healing in pairs or groups of three.

Plus Much More!!